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San Martin de Tor

Nestled in the holiday region of Val Badia with Alta Badia

The San Martin de Tor holiday region is not far from Bruneck, where Ahrntal and Val Badia lead into the South Tyrolian Puster Valley.
The world famous ski resort of Alta Badia is just a few minutes away.
Through the Puez-Geisler Nature Park and the mountain ranges of the Dolomites, hiking fans can delight themselves in San Martin de Tor with its extensive network of trails, climbing tours and mountain routes.
In winter, skiing takes center stage with a choice of any number of accompanying winter activities.

What’s worth seeing in San Martin de Tor:

  • Ütia de Börz Mountain Inn
  • Würzjoch mountain pass
  • Puez-Geisler Nature Park
  • Ćiastel de Tor & Museum at the Ladino Ćiastel de Tor
    Once the seat of the "Judicial Tower in Gader", today it is the seat of the Ladino "Ciastel de Tor". Here you'll get an insight into the culture, language and history of the approximate 30,000 Dolomite Ladinos.
  • Cultural Centre "Institute Ladino - Micurà de Rü"
    Their focus is on the preservation and promotion of the Ladino language and culture. Visit one of the numerous events and exhibitions.
  • Ladino settlement hamlets - the "Viles"
    When hiking through the unspoilt Campill mountain villages, the "Valley of Mills" and the small hamlets (Ladino Viles), you'll experience a journey into the rural past.
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